Shelly Hughes

The First Muse

The pedagogy I use is the result of a long experience based on the scientific method of Maria Montessori to which I added the fruit of my own research in order to adapt it to the needs and the children of our time, in particular the learning, in parallel to English, of foreign languages (French, Spanish, Italian) starting from the kindergarten in total immersion. My favorite topic is Greek mythology and I love making girls feel like muses. Now and for their future.

I have also adapted the Montessori pedagogy to be able to welcome – and allow them to blossom – a certain number of students who can hardly find their place elsewhere: this last year, 6 autistic children, about thirty dyslexic, dyspraxic, dysorthographic, dyscalculic children, etc… as well as 56 precocious or even gifted children, sometimes up to 4 years ahead.

Have a great time on 3rd Muse!