How to Sell Hemp and CBD Products on Your Shopify Store

Hemp store

If you are selling online hemp store or CBD products on your Shopify store, you must follow the law. Hemp is a plant that produces a wide variety of cannabinoids, but not THC, the chemical compound responsible for the “high” effect.

You must comply with federal laws, and with state laws if you’re a US merchant. The federal government has declared marijuana a Schedule I drug, and the Controlled Substances Act prohibits the cultivation, distribution, sale, or possession of marijuana, and its derivatives.

However, hemp is legal to grow, cultivate, and sell under federal law in the U.S. In addition to providing the health benefits of the hemp plant, hemp is an eco-friendly alternative to modern pollutants.

Hemp seeds are packed with essential amino acids and nutrients, and are commonly consumed as food. They also have omega-6 fatty acids, which are good for hair and skin.

Finding Quality Hemp Supplies

Some of the most common hemp products are hemp oil, hemp seeds, and hemp protein powder. These products are great for moisturizing and boosting energy. Depending on your needs, you may want to mix them with your favorite non-dairy milk for a delicious smoothie.

The hemp industry has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the 1930s. It’s now a staple in healthy households throughout the world.

Hemp has the power to produce high concentrations of CBD, which can be used in a variety of ways. In fact, hemp can provide a “hemp powered boost” to help you stay energetic.